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Due to the cost-benefit analysis over the past couple of years, we have ceased future efforts for the Race ‘N’ Roll 5K & Fun Run. On behalf of the Colorado Fund for Muscular Dystrophy (CFMD) board of directors, we wanted to express heartfelt gratitude for your past participation in this major fundraising project.
The race has certainly drawn a following year after year to both the cause supporting those with muscular dystrophy and the Filipino Festival, with which we are so appreciative to have been able to collaborate. Significant funds have been raised allowing us to send kids to MDA Summer Camp year after year as well as provide multiple grants for those in need. CFMD will pursue a less resource-intense fundraising / charity events in the future, which we invite you all to support.
Thank you, again, for your support!
Proceeds from the race have gone directly to CFMD to fulfill its mission to improve the quality of life for persons with Muscular Dystrophy. CFMD sponsors children each year to attend a special camp for those with muscular dystrophy, and provides grants to individuals who are in financial need. Learn more about the Colorado Fund for Muscular Dystrophy here.